Welcome to Bunny Blush

We have a passion for combining our love of cute things with our obsessions. One of the main ones being, you guessed it, bunnies! Each purchase goes towards helping local rabbit rescues who are on the front lines of rabbit welfare and it is our absolute honour to help in any little way we can 💗

Charities we support

Hope for Buns Logo

Hope For Buns

Hope For Buns is committed to helping as many rabbits in need in the Gippsland area we are the only permitted shelter for rabbits in our area, all our rabbits are desexed, microchipped and vaccinated prior to being adopted.

Freedom for Farmed Rabbits

Freedom for Farmed Rabbits is dedicated to giving factory-farmed rabbits a second chance at life. They work tirelessly to give rabbits a voice, rescue and rehabilitate with the goal of finding them their forever home.